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We increase a company value by improving a corporate image, increasing media awareness and providing data feeds of thousands of relevant financial professionals. We are dedicated to be a number one brand development agency and service provider that helps companies deliver its value as perspective opportunities.

Our mission is to help companies of any market size demonstrate strengths and reach their investment goals. We've been developing each project from the scratch and zero line code, step by step, bringing it to the highest standards and achieving worldwide awards every single year, since 2013.

Why 76% of all U.S. CEOs consider their companies to be undervalued?

Regardless of significance of achievements, a value will not change till no one knows about it.
Joseph Weiner, IR Director
EQS Group
IR section visitings in 2018
Research by Shareholder Communications 365 Study

What We Do

We learn your company strengths, develop a digital brand, increase recognition in the financial community, and help you deliver its value to financial professionals.

Company Mission
We determine a company's function, markets, and competitive advantages.
Products, Management, Strategy
We apply special techniques of structuring and content learning to effectively position your prospects.
Reports, Metrics, Achievements
We analyze a company's ability to compete in a marketplace to emphasize its strengths.
Creating Brand Identity
We create unique graphic patterns to present your corporation to the public in a highly promising manner.
Prototyping, Designing, Programming
We build your corporate website using high-standard web technologies.
Implementing IR Tools
We put together fundamentals and presentation materials to get maximum attention of current and potential investors.
Preparing Articles and Materials
We structure information and content for further analyzing of the user experience.
Sending Press Kits and Negotiating
While interacting with authoritative journalists from prestigious financial outlets, we often have to deal with specific requirements to publications.
Analyzing Publication Activity
Analyzing audience engagement and interest feedback to evaluate source, time and article efficiency.
Identifying Targeted Professionals
We compose a portrait of a potentially interested fund manager and refer to our database.
Preparing Company's Coverage
Company's description: fundamentals, recent news, and catalysts
Setting Up Marketing Campaign
Configuring and testing delivery servers for the targeted audience of potential investors or their representatives.
Deliverability Management
Avoiding messages classified as spam. List management, email verification, server, domain and IP reputation checks.
Feedback Support
Processing and forwarding incoming emails with interest.
Analyzing Outcomes
At the end of the campaign, we analyze whether the goal was achieved.

Corporate Image

We analyze your company's strengths, emphasize important facts and develop persuasive web design. Using the latest trends and technologies, we create a sense of perspective from the first impression.


Worldwide Financial

Corporate communications firm specializing in financial consulting and media relations.

Industry: Financial Services

Sonoma Pharmaceuticals

Develops and markets a global array of dermatological treatments and advanced tissue care for more than 5 millions of patients around the world.

Industry: Pharmaceutical


Stem Cell Biotechnology company. Develops therapeutic products and medical therapies using cell and tissue protocols, primarily involving adult stem cells.

Industry: Biotech

Monaker Group

Technology driven Travel Company with multiple divisions and brands, leveraging more than 60 years of operation in leisure travel.

Industry: Travel & Tourism


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Company Recognition

We help companies build and execute a sustainable long term PR strategy to get exposure to the financial community and publicity from the most popular financial outlets every single week.


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Financial Industry Data

Target your company highlights message to representatives of top financial groups. We provide access to one of the largest databases of financial professionals in the U.S. Recruit qualified candidates, expand sales efforts and improve your marketing campaign.

Our data and services help you instantly grow your pipeline and quickly connect you with your target market. Our feeds supply an extensive dataset for integration into your CRM system or data warehouse and provide ongoing updates to maintain the quality of your data.

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Search by name, company or group

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Filter on hundreds of data fields.

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View and download your results.


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Our Team

Development of technologies for business automation and scaling is what our team brought from the FinTech industry to the companies growth acceleration. These skills allow us to compete with the leading players in the industry, without hundreds of highly skilled personnel filling huge office premises.

Executive Director
Nicholas Kukoz
Marketing Director
Adam Felderman
Technical Director
Daniel Kiper
Creative Director
Dmitry Kravchenko
Operations Director
Katerina Chernysh

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